Local Yokel – Long Table Dinner

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Happy Mondays at Biv during Fringe Festival!

Biv has teamed up with Fringe Festival to bring … Continue reading

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Bivouac Canteen & Bar have set up camp

We’re the Bivouac Canteen & Bar come and join our camp. Over time you’ll get to know us, our food, drinks and other offerings, but let’s just do a quick introduction now to break the ice.

The name Bivouac came about because we wanted a name that would represent what we’re all about; getting together in a warm and comfy place, sharing food and drinks and enjoying each others company.

We also think its pretty fitting that a bivouac is a place where adventurers stop for rest and recuperation. We look forward to feeding and watering those on their way to or from The Bird, PICA, State Theatre Centre, Blue Room Theatre, Art Gallery, Museum, Bakery, Ya Yas, or the other haunts in the vicinity.

Bivouac is also a destination in its own right with more than just food and drinks on offer. Follow us and we’ll keep you posted.  In time we want the Bivouac to be a blank canvas so you can paint it red or blue or the colours of the rainbow and we’ll urge local artists to contribute to the landscape. Our first exhibition is Out To Get Ya curated by Ika Jumali.

You’ll meet the camp monitors who are the custodians and guardians of the camp. They’ll hold the fort and keep you safe.  Our canteen workers will be there to serve you and they’ll be looking to earn extra badges so ask them for help at any time.

We’ve gone to the effort to make this place as much yours as it is ours so if you want to tell us something about what we’re doing well or can improve on, feel free to anytime.

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p 9227 0883
198 William Street Northbridge WA 6003


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Tues – Sat 12pm til late
Bookings available for lunchtime only, No BYO