Local Yokel – Long Table Dinner

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Happy Mondays at Biv during Fringe Festival!

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Spring is in the air and lamb is on our plate

What’s that, a new menu? But I like you just how you are, don’t go a changin’. Don’t worry we’re not getting a mega facelift and looking like a totally new dude, just a hair cut, new shirt, you know adjusting with the seasons.

Bivouac is changing up the menu, just a little bit to make sure our plates are seasonal and exactly what you feel like eating on a given spring/summer day.

You’ve said we can’t take off the haloumi, gnocchi or goat chops, so don’t worry they’re not going anywhere.

It’s really important to us to use local produce that doesn’t have to travel mega kms to get to our plates. We reserve the big trips for some of the really special items on the drinks list.

Our shtick is farm to plate, sustainably grown, darn good and uncomplicated food.

Read the whole menu if you like. It’s split up into daytime and evening menus and it’s pretty sweet.

Which bit of lamb?

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p 9227 0883
198 William Street Northbridge WA 6003


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Tues – Sat 12pm til late
Bookings available for lunchtime only, No BYO