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Into the Rabbit Hole with Lindsay Dullea

Aztec Disco Our recent exhibition at Bivouac takes a totally different direction than the previous illustrations, mixed media and large-scale paintings, with a retro Science Fiction digital print exhibition by artist Lindsay Dullea.

Lindsay’s exhibition Digital Ink is made up of pieces titled Atom, Eve and Rabbit Hole and is influenced by sci-fi authors John Wyndham, Jules Vern and HG Wells.

“My work draws on inspiration from sci-fi novels of the 60’s and 70’s, consumer culture, eastern philosophies, western mythologies, pop art, street art and poster art from around the globe,” Lindsay said.

“It’s ever evolving and has a heavily symbolic view of contemporary culture and I try to generate bold, humorous and provocative imagery.”

Lindsay Dullea is a Graphic Designer whose graphic artworks are vibrant in colour and often playful in theme, both aesthetically pleasing and abrasive.

Having worked in the advertising industry, Lindsay is interested in the use of logos and branding; a means of simplifying complex ideas into one economical image. The Digital Ink series does just that.

“By using bold, conflicting and unusual colour combinations and by placing focus on ambiguous symbols, the purpose of the work becomes questionable and confusing.

“Some of the works like Atom, Eve and Rabbit Hole are optical illusions with conflicting colours. They play with the viewers’ visual cortex, the effect of unusual colour combinations and abstract patterns alluding to a centre create a hypnotic effect.”

“I’ve worked long and hard to find the right colours for each piece. This body of work has taken me almost a year to build up.”

It’s Lindsay’s intention is to challenge the viewer’s visual perception as well as challenge their ideas on what constitutes a good piece of art.

“I think that the distinction between the two (art and graphic design) is the medium used. Gaphic art is generally associated with advertising, an area that I work in – hence the choice of medium. But art will mean different things to different people.”

“I think exhibiting in a space like Bivouac is great because it’s more of a relaxed atmosphere than a gallery so people can absorb it all whilst eating and hopefully it is a talking point.”

“I’m also working on another series of 10 pieces under the working title Purely Anesthetic which is inspired by ideas and ways we distract ourselves with Television, Religion and Consumer Culture.”

The Digital Ink theme has been described by some as trippy, hypnotic, vibrant and dizzying. Come in for some small and big plates, a beverage and a glimpse into Lindsay’s hypnotic, retro sci-fi world. These works are for sale, ask the Bivouac Canteen workers for a flyer with prices and more details.

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