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MILK – an exhibition of creatures, skin demons and costumed musicians

“Vivid, unyielding realism gracing forms that should never be” is how US artist Haze XXL describes new works by artist Mow Skwoz.

The exhibition, which opens on Tuesday 3 April at Bivouac on William Street, is called MILK – an opaque white fluid secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.

Skwoz has shared her ‘creatures’ in collaborative exhibitions at Outskirts, Out to Get Ya, and Windows on William, but MILK will be her first solo exhibition.

“These pieces are mostly creatures I think or maybe possessed or disturbed people,” she said.

“Maybe the boy in the Squirrel suit got lost in the woods when he was little, went crazy and now spends his time focusing on his hallucinations and living amongst the other woodland critters.

“Or maybe it’s just some creepy Perth musician with a Plushie fetish.”

The works are acrylic on canvas and watercolour, but Mow is not attached to either and prefers to experiment with mediums, colours and generous subjects.

“The people in the animal suits are friends of mine who have particularly interesting faces, good complexions and can harbour an evil glint,” she said.

Mow Skwoz identifies with a movement called retardism – an anti art movement that evolved around the formation of Amphetamine Reptile Records in the mid 80s.

“I identify with it because of the no art school bullshit, it’s based on raw desire to get images onto a canvas and doing it by any means possible without the mind being raped by a subconscious urge to please a certain ethos.”

“It’s also kind of a global community of artists like Math.I, Haze XXL, Alex Gilles and a bunch more. Their artwork is great, organic, no bullshit art; I feel lucky to be involved with these guys.” Mow said.

MILK will be on display until 2 June and all works are for sale.

Visit for more about the artist.

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