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Moments. Thoughts. Memories.

The Biv’s latest exhibition is about to open

'What If?' by Janet Keating

What If? by Janet Keating

Janet Keating is an artist and designer having studied both fine arts and interior architecture. Influenced by abstract expressionism, Janet’s work is spontaneous and intuitive.

Moments. Thoughts. Memories. is an exhibition which draws on lived experience from remembered thoughts and images. The compositions are unpremeditated and random harnessing the accidents occurring during the painting process.

Janet explains, “Painting for me is a meditative process whereby I am completely immersed in the act of painting. What transpires in this exhibition is a loose painterly approach to abstraction free of the anticipation of the result.”

“I use a combination of oils, inks, pencil and what ever I can get my hands on to develop my paintings. I enjoy being absorbed in the moment, the act of painting and excited by the surprise of what transpires.”

“This exhibition is a departure from how I usually work. Normally I would start a painting from photographic studies I have taken. I am interested and inspired by patterns, texture, colour and details. For this exhibition I have still used these elements as inspiration but relied solely on my memory to instigate the painting process”.

Moments. Thoughts. Memories opens on Tuesday 12th June and will run until August at the Biv, and all pieces are for sale.

Come check it out soon!

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p 9227 0883
198 William Street Northbridge WA 6003


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Tues – Sat 12pm til late
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