A ‘bivouac’ is a French term that means a temporary camp used especially by soldiers or adventurers as a place of refuge. A place to be fed and watered.

Our ‘bivouac’ opened in July 2011. Our ethos is informed by this ‘bivouac’ concept of a shared space. It applies to the food, drinks and artwork. Our Greater Mediterranean inspired kitchen conjures up hearty food and peasant fare ideal for sharing. Dishes are constructed to reflect their regional origins from traditional recipes, often with quirky interpretations, and wine and drinks are selected according to what the regions do best.

We want Bivouac to be a blank canvas for artists to contribute to the landscape of our place. Hanging original works from local and emerging artists is a priority for us, and one that we intend to continue to support.

 We think itʼs a two-way street. Bivouac has amazing works hung on the walls brightening up the space, and artists have the opportunity to showcase their pieces and sell them in a space that attracts a captive, like-minded audience.


We want to give as many artists the opportunity to exhibit as possible and keep the space looking fresh, so exhibitions will be shown for a period of month/s at a time, at the discretion of Bivouac.

Exhibiting artists will be required to produce printed materials with thumbnail images of their work and prices. This needs to be well presented and can either be DL flyer, postcard size or a small booklet. We will provide you with examples of previous exhibitions printed materials.

We will require jpeg files in high resolution of each of the images in the exhibition which will be used for promotional purposes (see Media and Promotion).

We encourage artists to sell their works and believe that offering our space is a great opportunity for emerging artists to gain exposure. We are also open to established artists and commission may be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

We want to make sure your works are safe and our punters are too. The works need to be securely attached and hung and if they do happen to become loose we will need the artist to come and re-attach them. Bivouac cannot take responsibility for damaged artworks. Scheduling will be decided by Bivouac and although we take great care to determine exhibition dates, they may change with short notice.


Hereʼs an idea of how much space we have and how we need the works to be presented to ensure that your works and our campers are safe.


  • Maximum available space is 10 metres wide with a drop of 1.5 metres.

  • The maximum weight for each piece (per drop) is approximately 10kg.

  • Professional Art Rails are installed and hooks are supplied by Bivouac for use of the artist for the duration of the exhibition.

Your works: 

  • There is no limit to the number of works you can exhibit if they can fit on the wall (within reason and will be discussed and agreed upon).

  • The works need to be attached to a substantial base, ie canvas, framed, wood etc and of a professional manner. Paper, foam board and other lightweight materials cannot be used. As the wall is quite large we need the artworks to be considerable in size and enough to fill the wall. A3 is the minimum size for each piece and larger is ideal, but we can talk.


Bivouac will promote the exhibition in the following ways:

  • Bivouac website - interview on the blog

  • Bivouac Facebook 

  • Bivouac Instagram + Instagram stories  

  • Bivouac’s newsletter

  • Media – where appropriate a media release will be issued (with the artistʼs consent)

  • Photos of exhibition and pieces will be taken by the Bivs team and integrated into the content plan

Once weʼre good to go, this is what we need from the artist for the exhibition:

  • Completed expression of interest form

  • Short and Long Bio (approx. 100 – 400 words)

  • List of artworks and prices for the sale of your pieces for in-store copy 

  • High-quality printed material either DL flyer, postcard or small booklet size with thumbnails of works and prices (the artist will need to cover the cost of printing) prior to the commencement of the exhibition. Quantity to be discussed

  • Jpeg files of images of each of the works

  • Response to Q & A from Bivouac communications in a timely manner


Shoot us an email with the following information:

Contact Details:

  • Name

  • Artist name (if applicable)

  • Postal address

  • Telephone home

  • Mobile

  • Email 

  • Website

  • Instagram/Facebook URLs

Your Artwork:

  • A one-page outline of your current practice, including concepts, processes

    and materials. Tell us why youʼd like to have your work hung at Bivouac.

  • Email-sized images of your work (we will require a high-resolution image

    prior to the exhibition for promotional purposes).


By sending your application, you have read and accepted the conditions for submitting an expression of interest to hang work at Bivouac Canteen & Bar. The proposal, images and other materials submitted represent my own original work. I understand that Bivouac will do everything possible to care for the exhibition but cannot take responsibility for theft or damage to any works. I understand scheduling will be determined by Bivouac and may change with short notice.

Please send your completed expression of interest via email to or post to Bivouac Canteen & Bar 198 William St Northbridge 6003. Call us on 9227 0883 for more information.