Biv Cha Returns this Sunday


BIV CHA is back for three Sunday sessions during Fringe World and Perth Festival! 

Chef has shaken up a new menu for Biv Cha. We're talkin' yum cha heroes like prawn shumai, pork belly, soft shell crab and egg tarts. Even chicken feet! Check out the all-star lineup below.

Experience Bivs off your trolley and get amongst yum cha inspired eats and bubble tea cocktails. 

Sunday 4 Feb
10am - 2pm

Sunday 18 Feb
10am - 2pm

Sunday 4 Mar

Bookings recommended!
Don't worry... in true yum cha style,
you'll be able to walk in, grab a number and we'll find you a table.

Biv Cha

Festive Bivness

Bivouac Christmas Function

What do you want your Christmas wind-up to look like?
Laid-back, fun and a little out of the ordinary...
Then Bivs is for you.  Feast like a boss and let us take care of your group with a delicious journey through the Middle East, sampling wines you’ve never seen before and cocktails you won’t forget. 

Our Chef Feed Me menu will have everybody covered but if you prefer the choices don’t stress we do that too! We can chop and change the menu with packages from $35-$65 catering for groups of up to 30 peeps. Drink packages start at $29 for 3 hours. No matter the budget or flavour, we'll look after you (and any vego and gluten free friends too!). 

The hot dates in December are filling up fast.
Make an enquiry for a Private Function HERE.  

Bivouac Christmas Function

Art Talk with Tim Meakins on 'Always Alive'

Tim Meakins
Tim Meakins

Last month Tim Meakins launched his first solo exhibition Always Alive at Bivs. We took a little time out to chat with Tim about his recent works and life as an artist.  

Tim Meakins

Hey Tim Meakins. How are you? 
Hi! Im very well, feeling healthy and strong. Had an apple this morning as well. 

Congratulations on 'Always Alive' and thanks for gracing Bivs' walls with your artwork.
Thank you and thanks for having me!

So we know you're a talented and in-demand young designer and a great artist. Where did your connection to the arts start?
The connection started very early for me, I realise that now but at the time I never perceived it as something I wanted to do. I was always heavily into comics and wanted to draw superheroes but never had the natural talent or patience. When I started to study design it became very clear that I finally had the 'want' to create. I think all I needed was a platform and in this case was a computer, eventually it became an obsession and here we are today.  It was not until very recently I started to paint the illustrations and with the help of people like Martin E Wills was able to create for an audience. Feels good. 

What or who inspires you?
I honestly think anything and anyone really. I am heavily inspired on how people perceive items or objects. The components and intricacies that make up the item to help us conceive what that 'thing is'. Hopefully that makes sense haha. But really people, places, objects, how people act, emotions, food, anything. 

If you were to describe your work in three words, what would they be?
Haha you already know whats its gonna be, its always cute, sometimes I'm unsure if cute is a good thing but thats just my thing I guess. Colourful, Cute and Playful.

Some people might think simple work is easy. What would you say to them? 
I would say simple work can be easy, but also think simple is the hardest thing to create. I come from a heavy design background and imprinted in my mind are these principles that constantly allow me create but in a way box me in. Now I'm not saying its a bad thing, the box is super chill and allows me to think in a different headspace to access all the fundamental ideas that I would when designing a publication for instance. The box is a good thing. But simple design to me is problem solving. Thats why its hard. Its also a preference idea, I enjoy simple effective design so thats how my illustration and art should reflect. Also have a strange obsession with balance.  

Tim Meakins

What are you listening to right now?
Listening to a producer called Indian Wells from Italy.

Where can your new fans see your work next?
Instagram is probably the best way to keep updated with me, have a bunch of new projects underway so some new things on the rise. @tim__meakins

Thank you Tim!
No thank you!

Head into Bivs to check out Always Alive over a graze and gabble. 

Launching 'Always Alive' by Tim Meakins

Launching 'Always Alive' by Tim Meakins

Tim Meakins is a graphic designer and visual artist from Perth. His playful work brings life to the cold geometries of vector-based design through cheeky anthropomorphic detailing and punchy colour palettes. 'Always Alive' is Tim Meakins first solo exhibition, curated by Martin E Wills.

You'll find the these pops of colour and fun on the walls at Bivouac until Sat 10 June.

Have a peek of images from Opening Night on Monday 13 March, proudly supported by Gage Road Brewing and Bivs. Photo credits: Dwight O'Neil - @poyce.

Happy Mondays

Happy Mondays

Get your chills at the notorious B.I.V as Happy Mondays returns on Monday!

90s prices and 90s tunes every Monday through Fringe from 5pm til late. 

Head in for ghost chops or a Thom Yum or three. 


Fresh out of the box

Fresh out of the box

We've popped the menu in the toaster and it's come out hotter than pop-tarts...
and it's landed just in time for festival season. 
Check out the next level yums!


There's a new chef in town and she's got a mad sweet tooth. Word is the Fried Donuts stuffed with milk jam and other good'ns are the perfect after party pleasures. 

Biv's top 5 hits for Fringe

Biv's top 5 hits for Fringe

Get those guides out and buckle in as Fringe World and PIAF land in Northbridge!  It all kicks off on Friday Jan 20th and we can't wait. We've rounded up our top 5 hits for for Fringe:

Djuki Mala - indigenous dance and YouTube sensations tells their story story in a high-energy show. Energetic, hilarious and unique. 27 Jan - 14 Feb

Monroe & Associates - this theatrical role-playing game for one sells out every year! It's like nothing else you've experienced at Fringe, step into Frankie's Caravan and solve the crime. 20 Jan - 12 Feb

Briefs - this dazzling sell-out doesn't disappoint. An all male, sharp shooting cabaret of burleseque and balls. Aussie Cirque du Soleil meets Ru Paul's drag race... nuf said. 25 Jan - 14 Feb

Uta Uber Kool Ja - a rock'n'roll hotel room after-party like no other, in the deluxe and to-die for Aloft suite smack bang in the middle of Fringe. Round up a little posse, it's cray cray. 20 Jan - 5 Feb

Nautilus - taking mime and physical comedy to the next level. Tygve Wakenshaw has been dubbed a 'living cartoon' leaving his 'audience slack-jawed with admiration'. Winning a bucket load of awards this one is not to be missed. 27 Jan - 4 Feb

See you down in Biv-town for your Fringe binge real soon!