Local Yokel – Long Table Dinner

Local Yokel is Bivouac’s next Long Table event … Continue reading

Happy Mondays at Biv during Fringe Festival!

Biv has teamed up with Fringe Festival to bring … Continue reading

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Local Yokel – Long Table Dinner

local yokelLocal Yokel is Bivouac’s next Long Table event which will showcase a 4-course feast for your senses!

We have sourced some of the most inspirational and out of the ordinary local and sustainable producers who’ll be on hand on the evening to share some of their unique stories with you.

Along with our culinary delights we are showcasing Tripe Iscariot Wines and Colonial Brewing Co. who are putting together a one-off super fresh brewed cleanskin tinny that we’re told will blow our minds!

When: Monday 21st March

Where: Bivouac

Cost: $68p/p


Happy Mondays at Biv during Fringe Festival!

Bivouac Happy Mondays Enews Yellow
Biv has teamed up with Fringe Festival to bring you:
A night of specially selected 90’s tunes and weekly offers sure to get you fed and watered and on your way to the next show (probably humming salt ’n’ pepa “push it” on the way out!)
What’s so special about Happy Mondays you ask?
Biv’s full summer menu is on offer, but you get 90’s prices for these guys:
$2.95 Goat Chops
$4.95 Pizza Boards
$4.95 Mezze Plates
Did we mention that Double Denim wins a prize?! YES!
Bring a friend, bring a glow stick we aint judgin’ just make sure you bring an appetite!
Kicks off from 5pm Mondays starting 25th January
Let’s get it started in here! Love Biv x
fringe dates 2016

Outré Gallery Showcase at Bivouac














Bivouac has teamed up with Australian lowbrow legends Outré Gallery to showcase a changing lineup of local and international artists.

The rotation will include masters of pop painting and illustration like Shag, kozyndan, Andy Kehoe, Deedee Cheriel, Ghostpatrol and Matte Stephens.

All artwork is for sale and the gallery is located just a short stroll from Bivouac. Go check them out!

Outré Gallery

260 William Street, Northbridge 6003


Q&A with Zaki Anwar, Head Chef














Winter is definitely here and so is our winter menu. This week we turn the attention to our razor sharp kitchen team led by Zaki Anwar.  He’s the man behind the menu that you love so much and you guys have been asking us to tell you more about him so here he is…

So Zaki, describe your style of cooking
I like to cook the way I like to eat, loading up on flavour and using plenty of fresh herbs, Middle Eastern spices and quality seasonal produce. I’m a big fan of using the whole animal and lesser-known cuts that are sometimes disregarded and often hold some of the best flavour.

Talk to us about your inspirations as a chef?
Growing up in the Hunter Valley was where it started for me and then being lucky enough to travel as a young chef opened up my eyes to different world of cooking. Travelling through places like France, Italy, Tunisia and other incredibly beautiful Mediterranean ports, I saw a common thread of simple unfussed foods as well as traditional techniques which I still refer to today.

How do you choose what dishes go on the menu?
We’re all about fresh, local, seasonal produce at Biv and that’s the starting point for most of the dishes but sometimes just picking one spice can be inspiration enough.  I usually start by speaking with my butcher, fishguy and fruit & veggie supplier to see what’s in season and a little bit exotic. Then I collaborate with my senior chefs, we experiment with taste and that’s where the magic happens!

What are your must-try dishes for first timers to Bivouac?
The black barley with winter vegetables and labneh is one of the tastiest vegetarian dishes I’ve ever eaten but of course you can’t go past the goaties with our fresh ground Lebanese seven spices.  Also don’t forget to ask about our secret menu dish, it’s usually something pretty amazing that we’ve created that day.

What is your idea of food heaven and hell-no?
Food heaven is eating hand-made food with family and friends on a big table, digging into mezze plates and sharing dips, slushing it all down a good drop of red. Hell on a plate to me is an overcooked and overpriced steak with demi glace gravy described as jus.

What is one easy thing people can do to improve their own home cooking?
There’s no comparison cooking with freshly ground and roasted spices rather than the pre-packed stuff. I also use a lot of fresh herbs and citrus which you can grow at home, you can never have enough!














Zaki and sous chef, Michael McKenzie

Nice To Meat You – an exhibition by Soft Constructions














Seonaidh Murphy is a Perth based artist, illustrator, surface and textile designer. She started her creative business, Soft Constructions in 2013 when she saw that there was an ever-growing gap between artwork and design products that were being produced and the consumer that it was aimed towards.

NICE TO MEAT YOU is an exhibition that reflects the philosophies of Soft Constructions as it aims to make it easily accessible to a wide and varied audience. Designer, Seonaidh explains, “It is important to showcase artwork in an environment that is approachable to most people. I create ranges of artwork that draw on popular culture, recognisable subject matter and current trends for inspiration. These artworks are then used as the building blocks for textile and product designs. I also incorporate a little bit of witty word play into my designs because well, let’s be honest girls just wanna have pun…”

Art, food, music, design, theatre, dance, they all operate a cultural exchange with one another. Bivouac particularly encourages this way of thinking by creating it’s own little cultural hub nestled between well known artistic institutions such as The State Theatre, PICA, Blue Room and AGWA.

By placing artwork in an environment like Bivouac, that people already feel comfortable in and by transforming artworks into everyday, practical, functional and affordable objects. It is the beginning of a conversation that Seonaidh hopes to encourage people to become more involved in art and design and to inspire them to tap into their own creativity, to more hands on and create their own products. Hello. How are you? It’s been NICE TO MEAT YOU…..

NICE TO MEAT YOU opens at Bivouac on Tuesday 29th April.

All pieces are for sale.

Perspective – an exhibition by Dave Wolfy

Perspective (noun)
The art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other.
Dave Wolfy is a freelance abstract painter based in Fremantle, WA. Dave’s use of colourful layers, textures and a diverse range of mediums result in his unique collection of original art pieces. Dave’s style draws influence from the world’s big cities, streetscapes, cultures and colour. The depth in his pieces encourage curiosity and intrigue in those looking at his work. The works are art within art, with each of his pieces custom-made from wood, copper, found objects and other materials to form the canvas of his designs. Each one is totally unique, and built to last.
Dave’s style has been refined over the years to merge a mix of mediums and styles that still stay true to his street art roots. He embraces diversity and is constantly evolving as an artist. His work has featured in various local and international galleries, websites and publications, and he has participated in many group exhibitions and local art events and is also a passionate collector of art from across the world.
The exhibition ‘Perspective’ is the artists first art display for 2014, and will showcase a collection of thoughtful art pieces that he has been working on for the past six months for this exhibition. The individually handcrafted, precise and colourful pieces exemplify his passion for design, structure and engineering. On a deeper level the ‘Perspective’ collection represents harmony, simple beauty, balance and a considerate merging of personalities. The collection also pays homage to Dave’s respectful views on urban sustainability.
‘Perspective’ will open at Bivouac Canteen from Tuesday 28th January 2014.
All artwork is for sale.

‘Not You Again’ an exhibition by Hayley Welsh

“Not You Again” an exhibition by Hayley Walsh

Hayley Welsh has established herself as one of the newest creatives in the Western Australian art scene, having made the move to Australia from the UK in 2009. Hayley has previously exhibited in London and New York and is quickly becoming recognised for her surreal, wide-eyed illustrations. With a history in Scientific and Natural History Illustration, Hayley’s painting display a technical approach, mixed with nostalgia and humour, yet her playful aura is juxtaposed with darker undertones of the unknown and abyss.
‘Not You Again’ showcases Hayley’s most recent works in an eclectic, exciting collection of some of her most famous creations alongside brand new art created exlusivley for Bivouac Canteen. The collection explores the concept of humanity’s constant battle with self-hate and pursuit of ‘happiness’. Her paintings reflect the search for one’s inner child and listening to the ‘voices within’, with her whimsical characters, encouraging us all to look for the beauty in something as simple as a piece of wood, and seek happiness from within and the present.
Hayley graduated from Blackpool College of Arts in 2008 with a first class Bachelor of Honours in Scientific and Natural History Illustration and currently work full-time as a freelance artist and illustrator, here in Perth. Since publishing her first children’s book ‘This Way Up’in 2010, she have become widely recognised for her whimsical wildlife art, painted onto found objects.
Over the past eight ears she has exhibited internationally in London, Newcastle and New York . In 2010 she won the prestigious David Cook Drawing Award in the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, and the Hedland Art Award for under 25’s, in the same year.  In 2012, she presented her first Australian show, Nest Making, at the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery and the response from the local community was overwhelming with over 80 per cent of the artworks sold throughout the course of the show.
Following it’s success she has exhibited two more successful shows here in Perth, recently showcased her first major solo exhibition ‘A Place For Us’ and am now represented by the Margaret River Art Gallery and the infamous Linton and Kay Gallery, in Subiaco.
“I enjoy Hayley’s work very much, an intriguing sense of a larger narrative going on behind odd little fragments. I particularly like the interventions on found imagery, playful and strange, as fun to paint I imagine as they are to look at…”  SHAUN TAN

“There is something quite fantastical and a little bit dark lurking in Hayley’s work. Surface images that might otherwise seem inviting, have an other-wordly quality that take them places beyond the image in front of us. There is an inherent sense of wonderment in much of the work that eludes to childlike innocence, though the presence of darkness and the corrupt is never far away.”  ANDY QUILTY

‘Not You Again’ will be exhibited at Bivouac Canteen from Tuesday 22nd October 2013 until Saturday 25th January 2014.  All artwork is for sale.

Found and Saw an exhibition by Jessica Wyld

Growing up  on a remote farm in Margaret River where she forged a hard working and ‘can-do’ attitude, Jessica Ferguson was never afraid of an adventure, creating DIY projects in the surrounding forests. This philosophy carried forward to her careers, first as a successful travel adviser (and avid traveler) then as a photographer, a love of which grew from her desire to share her overseas experiences.

Found and Saw combines these two great passions in an exclusive exhibition for Bivouac. Jess has merged some of her favourite images from her recent culinary and photographic journey across Nepal and India, where she fell victim to the charm of the untamed subcontinent. Using found materials, Jess aims to minimize the environmental impact of her work while simultaneously recreating a rustic country aesthetic. This project was also born from her love of the environment, showing that art need not escalate the world’s pollution problems.

All pieces are lovingly hand-made one-offs and available for sale. Please contact Jess if you are interested in purchasing a piece.

Showing at Bivouac from the 27th August 2013 until Saturday 19th October 2013.

Winter’s here and so is our new menu














The chilly month’s are finally here and we’ve been working pretty hard at creating a winter menu to sink you teeth into and forget all about the chill and more about the fill!

We’ve got some delicious new seasonal dishes like the crispy skin pork belly with green beans, smokey eggplant purée, quince, walnut crumble and some ol’ faithful’s with a spunky twist. To match the food, we have some new wines & cocktails list! The Sailor Colada is a hit already! Take a peek at the dinner menu if you just can’t wait.






Bivouac is open Tuesday to Saturday 12noon til late – bookings available for lunchtime only.

The venue is available for functions on Sunday’s and Monday’s. Email us for more info.

Bedouin Feast – Biv’s Long Table Dinner

We’re super excited to bring you our very first long table dinner…..


Join us for a four course feast – a night of fine food, wine and gypsy merriment.

When: Monday 25th March 2013

Time: 7pm for a 7:30pm start

Cost: $120 p/p

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