Last month Adrian Perrine launched his solo exhibition Wildergrim at Bivs. Our art curator Martin E Wills took a little time out to chat with Adrian about his recent works and life as an artist.  

The head with the stag and a pizza

The head with the stag and a pizza

You've got a successful illustration career ticking along, congratulations!  For those of us who might not be familiar with your work, where might we have seen it before?

Thanks to Bivouac for having me! Well I think around Perth you might have noticed my work most often on the art and branding for WAMFest, which is the annual music festival put on by West Australian Music, and it's a crazy good time ever year! I think people might have also just come across my work on Instagram.

What's the thread that ties all your work together?

The ongoing struggle and unlikely friendship between darkness and cuteness.

I'm really interested in how people nail down their style. When did it all come together for you, or do you still feel like it's all a work in progress? 

I've been drawing since I was a kid, but about 10 years ago is when the aesthetic I have now really started to develop. And it's changed and evolved over that time. I see it as a work in progress because I always want to do better than I did before. Sometimes that means refining it, and sometimes it's trying something different.

So, what's your process? How do your images start, and how do you know when something's finished?

For my personal artwork I rarely ever sketch anything, I just sit at my computer and start drawing. So there is a real element of spontaneity and emotion to what I make even though it's digital. I do a piece in one session usually but often I come back to earlier designs to add to them or revitalise them. Whether something is finished is just a feeling I get, sometimes I'm satisfied and sometimes more work is required.

The head with a bottle and penguins

The head with a bottle and penguins

Which artists or designers do you have hanging on the walls at your place? 

I have a Mike Mignola limited edition print of Dracula and Frankenstein's monster I can't wait to frame and get up there. Other than that it's mostly vintage illustrated film posters and some photos and artworks by friends and my partner.

Some creatives find Perth challenging. Why do you think that is, and how are you faring here?

I'm actually not sure. I mean I think trying to be successful as a creative anywhere is usually pretty challenging! But I've been fortunate to find an audience online and a few jobs through friends and contacts that helped a lot with exposure.

Any advice for young illustrators who might envy your success?

It's different for everyone in terms of what success is. In my thinking I'm not there yet actually. But you should focus on working hard, developing an aesthetic that is you, being professional and being nice to people.

Where can people follow your work and buy your prints?

Instagram is my main online presence. Prints and other info you can find at

And finally... What are you doing over the Christmas period, and can I come along?

I will be playing a lot of PC and PS4 games! Definitely welcome to join me online :)