This month Sooj Mitton launched her solo exhibition at Bivs. Marian from Bivs little time out to chat with Sooj about her recent works and life as an artist.  

Sooj Mitton exhibition Bivouacjpeg

Congratulations on the successful opening night of your new exhibition! How are you feeling?

Firstly, thank you Bivouac and Martin for the invite. I am feeling delighted and overjoyed! I haven't created a showcase like this with such a clear intention before and everyone who joined in just 'got it' it was wonderful!

How long did this show take to come to fruition? 

I had ample warning, but with only a month to execute. I had just stepped out of Team lab’s ultra immersive light installation in Japan which by the way, the experience was intense and blew me away! It got me thinking about all those super creative minds coming together to pull something this grand and interactive off and quite simply I was inspired.

Then Martin messaged me to confirm the art space at Bivouac. It was perfect timing and everything just fell into place. In the long run to create the style and meaning I wanted has taken me a very long time.

What’s the thread that ties all your work together?

Connection, sounds simple and it can be, but I feel for the most part to achieve a clear connection with anything you need to go through a sea of fear and vulnerability with your self and heal as much as you’re willing to. 

I personally found food, animals, and woman to be the strongest connectivity at this time and wanted to share it.

Sooj Mitton Bivouac Exhibiition.jpeg

I’m really interested in how people nail down their style. When did it all come together for you, or do you still feel like it’s all a work in progress? 

I was highly influence by manga in my younger years, not just by the art the story and characters were important also. Big thanks to Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor moon). I drew loads of fan art and realistic portraits through my late teens. It got me enough exposure that I never tried for more…didn’t think I had too but I was just a copycat. It was when my mate introduced me to James jean that my brain exploded and unlocked a door to unlimited possibilities, his art broke my stagnation and repetitiveness and now I’m very happy with my style.

Which artists or designers do you have hanging on the walls at your place?

Massive fan of James Jean and if you know who he is you can tell my style is strongly flavoured by his. other big influencers come from anime and legends such as Sean Tan and Hyung tae Kim.  I also have my own haha.

When you’re not in the studio, what are you up to? 

Eating. I love to boulder and move my body lots given I’m sitting most of the day, I train at places like Aspen coaching and ninja academy. Travel from time to time, oh and I find it super relaxing to watch people making cakes on youtube, ones where no ones talking just baking and pouring mirror glaze syrup over cakes. Go watch one it’s very addictive.

Where can people follow your work and buy your prints? 

Instagram for now, follow @sooj.joos.

The platforms for buying prints are forever changing but I do keep instagram up to date for prints and my progress in general.